About Me

Hi and thanx for visiting my site! I’ve recreated my site showcasing my more recent works in an amazing new interface.  The new design allows for a bright fresh new look so that my images will be more easily viewable.


I have now been taking photos professionally for 6 years but have been an artist since before high school. My art / photography mixture places me in a league of my own. I create images that showcase just how wonderful your photos can look in the hands of a true photographer / artist. I believe anyone can shoot and take a nice picture but it takes a creative eye to turn that photo into a great picture. while I consider myself great at my craft I am always learning new techniques to continue to grow as a photographer. I am sorry but if you are used to typical photos that look like they are from the early 80’s with old Olan Mill backdrops you won’t find them here.


I love color and photos that are full of life. I study the latest trends in new techniques and my photography shows it.


My specialty is CREATIVE IMAGERY. I am a true master of Photoshop and this is where I shine. I have a very distinct look and style that tells a story within a wonderfully produced image.  


I love putting my creative magic in weddings where I can let my creative juices flow! As a true master of major airbrushing techniques, and color retouching. Each edited image I produce is absolutely flawless. 


I  also love doing Event Photography and Model shoots / Headshots as well. If you have an idea that you would like done, please let me know. My creative talents far outweigh what you will see on this site. I have full lighting setups that can re-create just about any image style you are looking for.


I can go on and on about my style, technique, and what I use but the proof is in the photos. Thank you so much for visiting my site, and for hiring me in advance.